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Oct 10, 2001


Silver Haze and White Widow offspring.


Extremely light and crystal covered. Very resinous; hence the name! The bag was COVERED with powder galore. Breaks up soft and fluffy. Tufts of furry orange hidden behind well intentioned broad leaf "guards".


Ammonia/pine fills your nose as you empty the contents of the bag. (Make sure to scrape the side of the sack for all the good stuff!)


A bit of sweet with a much richer aftertaste. It's almost like the its parents are fighting over the flnal taste: Father Haze wins first but Mother Widow has the last say in the matter. Your tastebuds sure enjoy this little power struggle!


Oh yes, this one's a ripper. Nice ampy, "Pick-me-up" high with a strong finish. Again there is a parental power struggle going on here: The "up" from the purer Haze is smooth and steady for about only 5-10 minutes before the more indica based Widow hits a bit more of a body blow!


I liked being a first hand witness to this cool little strain battle! Very enjoyable offering from the Doors crew. Sitting on the Singel canal, a spliff and a vaasje of beer; realising summer was finally here!

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