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Abdel Krim
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Oct 10, 2001


Finest Moroccan Rif Valley hash. This stuff probably should be in the light section as it is made with a traditional sieved polm technique BUT in my mind it is more of a true dark polm. (That, and I need to fill out the dark section anyway!)


Love at first sight! (Rare for the BushDoc.) Medium-dark brown. Even coloured all the way through. Soft and super pliable; thinly cut, the resin crystals shine brilliantly in the light when moved from side to side.


Very rich and much more chocolatey than usual fine polms. Burning it produces a thick and luxurious blueish smoke. It has a real unique clove/herb afterscent.


A bit of the incense flava combined with a wee spice. The clove/herb taste is somewhere in between. Again, I think of this almost like a combo of a polm and a manali cream in terms of describing the flav. It accompanied a lovely cup of herbal tea on a Sunday morning.


A perfect Sunday morning high for yours truly. The high kicks in with little delay and it is very smooth and steady. I was in CBB mode; this is when you are so chilled, you Can't Be Bothered to get your ass off the sofa! Fortunately, the high doesn't stay like that and more like a good polm you are still able to function after the initial effects level out.


I'd recommend this one for those experienced hash smokers who (like me) tend to fancy screened, lighter polms more than darker, handpressed easterns. This one had a nice taste, a solid high and basically exhibited the best combo of both oily and not so oily hashes. I wish other Marocs could always be like this but of course it's their village's secret method of making it that keeps it apart!

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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41
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