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Heaven's Delight

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Heaven's Delight
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

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Nov 27, 2002


100% Sativa, Bio grown and cured.


Fuzzy weed. Fuzzy, like a spider's hairy legs, this light green almost yellowish weed is very unique looking when compared to the "normal greens" like Skunk and N. Lights. It is so totally crystal covered, you can barely make out what colour the hairs are, if there are any under all that powder! The nodes are close together and this bud is really packed for a Sat. This looks like a foreign visitor to herb world and I welcome him with open arms, a grinder and some skins! Peace, Let's roll!


The bag splits and gives way to an odd "tinny" smell that becomes a bit Listerine mouthwash scented! As you "unlock" the pieces of the buds, it becomes very piney and "hazey" in terms of fresh wildflowers and a "desert sandy" sort of smell.


VERY multi-dimensional flav for a weed like this. It almost parallels a few Indica traits taste-wise. The dry toke is divine . It reminds me of a sort of fruity/hazey nectar. Delish! For those of you from the US & UK who've ever had a 7-11 Slurpee (Crushed Ice drink) with blueberry flavour where the sugar-syrup was a bit too thick.... BINGO! An awesome and unique flav that ranks up there with the best i've sampled this year... And that is in joints; I can't wait to vapourise some of this gear!


A very nice feeling takes over your body and mind almost equally. You are more relaxed, but not TOO sleepy. You can chat or you can just chill and listen. Lights and shadows make interesting FX for your stoney eyes and sounds like birds and bromfietsen seem to really get inside your dome and echo back and forth.


Yes I, one o' the stars of this year's Cup... It's gonna be a tough battle in the 2002 Sativa Wars this year but this one's quite a gem and should have no problems keeping the judges attention to flav, cure and FX. I was pleasantly stoned and eager to vapo the rest of this sample. Unique and no doubt, a bitch to develop and grow; that's what makes entries like this so appealing to many who can't diversify strains in their own country; they want "exotica"! Well here it is... Enjoy.

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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41
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