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NY Diesel

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NY Diesel
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Dec 16, 2005


Mexican - afghan hybrid. Sativa. Bio.


I can't even begin this without mentioning the smell, which was entirely overwhelming before I even got it out of the bag. But back to the looks: Light green, with a few broader (rarer for NY Diesel) and darker leaves left on in the manicure. The tiny little calyxes are completely covered with crystals. This islooking yummy for a Diesel strain, which often look pretty crappy to be honest. Not this time!


This stuff stinks of diesel fuel. Now I've smoked many of this strain in my daze, but this has got to be the strongest scented weed in Amsterdam right now! It's not a lil' bit diesel, it's like a raw oil. It stinks like you've been working on an oil rig that just trapped oil! It breaks and goes a bit citrusy & orangey. M8 does this gear smell good!


The taste is very excellent, like a sugary orange lolly. A bit sour, a bit sweet, on the exhale you realise how much smoke you just let out. Real smooth, but I wouldn't want to try & hit on the member of the opposite sex with this weed on your breath; unless the smell of mechanics turns 'em on! On the exhale, you're liable to blow flames with this. (This should come with a warning: Keep breath away from open flame!)


FX are top of the head high! Crisp and not fuzzy, although there are a few early moments of blurry visuals that make for a funny, silly feeling. It lasts for hours and lets you down quite softly considering the ride you�ve just experienced!


This is a MUST-toke if you are in Amsterdam right now. Check it out when you are near the Dam Square � The Nes will not disappoint� they never do!

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