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Hindu Kush

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Hindu Kush
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Oct 25, 2002


100% Indica (?!?), this is a "pure" strain (it is usually hybridised). The geographical origin of this strain may be found in the Afghanistan highlands. Whassup with the "Hindu" name then? Courtesy of Vinny: The Hindu Kush is the mountain range which splits Afghanistan down the middle, and Hindu Kush means "Killer of Hindu's" in Pashtu, as in any Hindu's trying to move north would be stymied by these mountains.


Medium dark-green with lotsa crystals and loads of orange-brownish, fat, furry hairs. Several larger fan leaves left on to protect the interior. Quite fluffy and obviously given enough space during curing to dry properly. That's always a good sign.


Fruity smelling like a Blueberry strain with a light wild berry scent followed closely by a rich underscent of fertile soil. You need to break this bad boy up a bit to get the scent to flow freely.


Taste is real nice and smooth... silky. It's like a sweet fruitshake when smoked via the vapouriser, the moisture released going down the tube like a wee meal. Before you know it, you are reaching to load another bowl...


Which, could be trouble because this weed can make you very unbalanced! Leaning forward, backward, one direction then the other... like a stoned spinning top! The high is really "springy" in this way, and I enjoyed this awkwardness thoroughly.


I really like this mother of all mothers strain. Deliciously natural and unadulterated as (appropriately) Mother Nature would want it! This type of weed is a cornerstone that should not be missed.

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