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Oct 8, 2003


100% pure Indica. Bio.


'Pumped up', these fuzz-ball nuggets are tight, yet light in weight and overall density. These darker beauties have heaps of orange-brown hairs that cover these lil' guys. It's obvious that is was well cured cos the buds break apart quite easily without crumbling into powder.


The smell is very orangey. Nice, fresh and lovely. There's a light eucalyptus scent back there as well. All together, it is a great 'bouquet' of various gorgeous scents.


Fresh and citral with a piney-crystal 'burn'. A bit of a tingly feeling occurs on the back of your throat like a fine dark hash does. Surprisingly, it is not too expansive in your lungs, which makes for a smooth albeit heavy smoke!


It is not as 'body stoned' as I thought it would be; there's a visual trip that hovers above the actual stonedness you feel from this gear. It is a bit swimmy, in that you feel you are floating around in a salt-water pool. Groovy.


The Afganika seeds have been around for awhile but this is the first sample I have had from a proper coffeeshop; it is definitely worth checking out for connoisseurs of the usual heavy Indica strains. Nuttin' but Indo baby!

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