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Matanuska Mist

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Matanuska Mist
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Oct 10, 2001


Mainly Sativa, bio. This is a result of a Matanuska Tundra (usually Sagamartha Seeds) crossed with a Grey Mist.


This stuff looks brutal! White-Yellowish, from the extreme crystal condition and the curing process, the hairs are hard to locate amongst the monochrome trichomes! (That's a mouth-full, eh?) The buds are about as solid as they can get; rocky and hard to break up because of their density. I really wouldn't wanna break this up without first getting a very large tray out to collect the 'good stuff' that will surely fall as you are prepping for spliffs!


The smell is quite 'danky', with a soft musty scent that smells a bit like old gym socks! (It always makes me laugh how smells that would normally make you gag seem to be quite alluring when you apply them to ganj!)


The taste of this is strong and crystal flavoured, with hints of skunk and earth. The shear number of crystals is what dominates the taste buds but there is also a nice, rich 'heady' scent of the original Indica Tundra in there too.


This herb will have you searching for a higher being. No shit. The FX are quite heavy and sedative for a 'mainly Sativa' strain but that was no deterrent to me' I really enjoyed the body-bake feelings that still didn't me leave sat on the sofa like a cabbage. The cerebral part of the Mist really finds a place here among the other results of taking a few fat tokes of this gorgeous sample. I could see this one being highly valued by medical patients...


This is really a nice result of genetics and gardening. Praises to the Nes Caf' with such a nice package. I always liked the Matanuska Tundra (aka Alaskan Thunderfuck, in some strain circles.), but this combo with Mist has really left a stoney impression on me!

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