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shop profile Nes 33


Nov 11, 2002


90% Sativa and 10% Indica


This isn't really a "Beauty Queen" from first glance. It looks like leafy greens that were just pressed together! As you examine closer, you see gorgeous crystal coated leaves: Sabre-sword blade shaped, ranging from medium green with the odd yellow leaf as well. Very light density buds. A few light orange/yellow hairs "dot it".


Magnificent citral scent here. It may as well be called Citrus Fruit Punch. Like a blend of orange, grapefruit and mango, this is pure nose joy!


The flav (in a vapo) isn't at all like the smell. Nah, dis one is very chemical-cleaner tasting at first (a la aroma-therapy), then it finally fades citral a bit like the smell would indicate.


You get so baked from this gear, you just want to shut your eyes for a bit and make it stop! Seriously, this unassuming (looking) weed will have you spinning out without any alcoholic additions!


I really liked this surprising and unique marijuana strain. The first release of this herb is gonna go quick (only a 100 grams left!) so make sure you drop by the Nes Cafe to get a wee bit of this fine weed.

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