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Apple Jack

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Apple Jack
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Oct 26, 2004


Jack Herer crossed with WhiteWidow/Skunk. 100% Bio. Sativa


Wow, this shit is PUMPED UP! Beautiful, 'slender' calyxes tower upon each other. Generally 'fuzzy', this weed is light-green overall with orange-brown coli. A few broad leaves are left on after clipping but they are all completely covered by crystals. The smaller pieces are still as potent looking as the larger buds too. It breaks up soft and velvety and burns with ease; a proper cure.


Slightly danky/musty/muf(NL), which seems to lean it more toward its White Widow/Skunk heritage.


It's very unique, especially in a vapouriser! It's kind of like getting a bit of incense smoke in your mouth. Not as fruity as other AJ strains I've sampled, this one is much more 'hash planty'.


Your face is smashed, eyes are buggin' out; you may be drooling without knowing it! I'm stoned' of that I'm sure! You say something and two seconds later, it reaches your own ears!


For the price, there's hardly anything out there that can compete! You gotta check it out at the Nes. A super high.

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