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Nes Haze
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May 12, 2003


100%(?!?) Sativa


This is it!!! You guys are always asking me about getting true quality Mexican, Thai, or Colombian. Well, take a first glance at this one and know that you are very close to perfection in one of these strains!!! These buds are gorgeous and unique: Light brown with a slightly orange colour covering tiny sword-shaped greener leaves, these fuzzies are packed super hard, like little rocks. The hairs are reddish, tiny, and nearly hidden by the serious micro-coverage of crystals. (Getting Canna-nerdy on ya, eh?)


The smell is the Super-Sandalwood-Soap that I love so much! It is rich and luxurious and somehow, you know that it's gonna taste just as fine.


The taste is not very spectacular for all the other positives you get from this strain; however, it is not as "dusty & dirty" as a lot of browner weeds. There is some spice to it and a bit of soapy flava that makes the taste a little better.


Certainly a "high" versus a "stoned" effect. The feeling is quite inspiring, almost like taking a a low dose of philosopher stones or truffles. (see the Smart Drug section) There are very visual, eye-opening FX. The best way to describe it is cross-eyed high; everything's a bit twisted as you gaze around like a chimpanzee. It is a great weed to smoke on a sunny day, especially when you are sitting on a terrace watching the glimmers of light disappear and re-appear across the water; trippy.


WOW. AB-SG had dropped by the Nes last Saturday night for a quick beer and ended up picking up some of this fine Haze for me to sample. It was so good that I had to drop by (incognito) myself to get some more of this gear. One of the BEST darker Sativa-hazes that I have ever toked.

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