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Cherry Bomb

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Cherry Bomb
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Feb 6, 2006


Californian Indica crossed with a Hawaiian Sativa. Hydro, this is one of the few that isn't "Strictly Bio" at the Nes Café !


Yes, I� this gear is FUZZY! Ultra-green, nearly neon-bud. As you break it apart, you realise how crystal covered and gorgeous these buds are; and the manicure really present them at their best. What tiny leaves that are left on have a thick layer of THC crystals shining in a white-yellow brilliance. It's like looking at diamond dust!


The smell is actually quite skunky in nature, with a danky cat-piss scent, like you found a bunch of old rags in the attic, that had been sprayed by a horny cat! But, if you're a true toker, you'll be intently shovin' your nose into the bag with a giant smile' anticipating a power session before you've even burned one grain.


There is certainly a tangy-fruity flav goin' on here but that is harder to detect cos this stuff burns going down: it's COVERED with resin! Whaddya expect? But even so, it's remarkably smooth on the palette owing to its "properly flushed" upbringing and slow-cure that is always a Nes Café trademark. It is expansive and can cause a wee hack-phase so it's best to have a cold bevy at hand! (AB-SG and I chose for cold pilseners:)


The FX are very visual and "flashy" in character. You immediately feel "high". Wide grins and squinty eyes seem to be an indication that you have been "Cherry Bombed!" The cerebral effect is quite intense with this weed; I wasn't expecting such an intense "crispness" considering its Indica heritage that both genetically and looks-wise seemed to be dominant. Anyway, this is no simple "body stone"; you are bouncing around on your toe-tips and nearly falling over from time-to-time after a few large vapour hits! Add a few half-pints of a refreshing Gulpener beer from the Nes Caf� bar and you are in partial orbit over the Dam square!


Lately, we've heard heaps o'shit about the lack of herbal quality in A'dam lately' ("we get better weed on my street corner of Midnowhere, Montana" and so forth') Well, I have NO problem praising the virtues of the Nes Café's well-priced menu this early 2006; it's simply top-shelf! Check it for yourself and make sure you proudly sport your Smokers Guide book this year: As part of our latest promotion AB-SG & NativeK have been giving lots of freebies away to tourists spotted with the book around town. Now what could be better than some lovely herbs, fine beer and a free Smokers Guide t-shirt?

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