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Mongolian Indica

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Mongolian Indica
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May 25, 2005


This strain has eluded us for so long! A proper Indica, grown with Bio care.


Well cured & stored, in a typical Nescafe quality. Golden-brown, tiny-little leaves and the hairs are also quite miniature. Overall it's darkish green-brown as a result of the long storage. The nuggets are solid but break evenly & softly.


There's not too much smell outta the bag, but you�ll find it very fragrant as it breaks up. The scent is sweet anisette; heady, danky smell that comes from the curing process, where the herb's achieved a Cuban cigar's tobacco smoothness and subtleties.


The flav is mint-licorice, and funny enough, almost SALTY! (sounds like dropjes!!!) It lays heavy on the back of the throat like a Ricola throat lozenge. Herbs with a minty cool burn! I served a bottle of South African Avondrust "Steen" white wine with dinner. As we finished a lovely (If I do say so myself!) prawn, paprika, pineapple & Pandan rice combo, I lit up a pure fat boy of the Mongolian Indica. Delicious!


FX are seriously stoney, with heavy, flashy visuals and a bit of wobbling, to and fro� I decided to take a "chill-out bath" where I take at least 2 huge V-Rip vapour hits, play some George Benson, Hed Kandi or Pink Floyd and hop into a bubbling hot bath with a glass of wine. It was all good; the only negative: I was SO stoned, I let the newspaper I was reading dip into the bath water. Dohhh!


Why not spark a spliff of the MI on a lazy night at home after a meal? "No responsibilities, no work, no plans, no worries!" This gear has you rollin� it's definitely heavy, and you don't say much but if you are with the right company, it makes you feel like just smilin� at one another. Clumsy sex was the result! Life could be worse� :)

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  • 10.0

As long as i keep one eye closed i can walk straight

I havent smoked this strain. Im from Canada so it might be different, but...i am eating these candies called"Kushy Chews" and they are made with the mon strain. This shit will have you on your knees if you eat too many.wonderful for pain and anxiety.... Cheers!! Full details


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