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Popeye Coffeeshop

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May 9, 2003


Sativa-Indica hybrid, hydro.


Light green, slightly 'fuzzy' with few broad leaves that shoulda been clipped but were quite crystal covered! Very solid with thin orange hairs darting in & out. Heavy crystal coating on the exterior and the interior is also really white!


This is gonna be some powerful gear; you can just tell by the first crack of the bag. The scent is really kiefy with that evergreen-pine smell.


There's a definite hint of K2 or an Afghan-based mother with that unmistakable ginger flava that is released as the joint is burned down and the resins collect. It can be a bit heavy on the throat, but that's what ya get with powdery bud like this.


This gear is top! Very potent and quick-hitting, this gear can make you feel like you've had a few shots of tequila; and even better still, you get the FX without a headache and hangover! You are really charged up, but still a bit 'sloppy''


A really nice sample of the standard AK47. It is a powerful strain with some solid FX for experienced smokers: This long lasting high is good value for money.

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