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Popeye's Cream

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Popeye's Cream
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Oct 10, 2001


Moroccan Super Polm, fine screen pressed.


These thin-cut pieces of light brown hashish are looking nice right away. They all have layers that are complex and varied and the contents seem pretty pure and uncontaminated. The pieces bend nicely without breaking, so you can see they have a nice oil content but are not too dry.


The smell is the standard cocoa and there is also a soft sweetness to this one. (Normally I get more of a peppery scent from super polms but this was not the case here.) As you light it up, there are voluminous amounts of nearly light-blue smoke released. A strong perfume of dried flowers and incense fill the area.


It is very smooth on the throat and leaves a nice 'ice-cool' effect in your mouth and windpipe. This is certainly a 'clean' hash with no rubbish involved. You can taste it.


The FX are best described as 'settling', meaning that you are not feeling too high or too low. There was just a peaceful calm that hit me and took the edge off of a long day at work. Everyone was away for the evening, staying at their friends and I was left with a nice mellow high and some house cleaning to do. On this gear' No Problem! This is the perfect smoke for still getting shit done, so I would recommend this if you wanted a nice early morning buzz to do a little Amsterdam sightseeing before moving on to some of the 'menu heavies' from Popeye.


For the price, this one is probably one of the best Moroccan Creams in town at the moment. Popeye's has been known for its Aladdin's Chocolate and Black Cobra which we have reviewed in the past but I feel that this one holds its own against the others. The traits of both are somewhat represented and for a price that is still reasonable.

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  • 8.6

Popeye's Muscles at Work

I give this Hash a brave score since it is soo strong and moving my fellow friends like flies on a piece of cow-shit because this baby is a magnet for people that know fine smell of good, taken-care - of Hash: It burns good, the smell is amazing, and there fore a good one since a good hash need to smell like... Full details

Popeye Coffeeshop

Haarlemmerstraat 63
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