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Pink Kush

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Pink Kush
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Sep 30, 2011


Kush hybrid, Hydro.


Take a look at this bud It is like a big middle finger to those who say Marijuana isn't a gift of Mother Nature. This stuff is outta control; it looks like it was artificially created in a lab. Very beautifully formed calyx clusters are perfect spheres. The color is generally light green with tones of white and yellow. The crystals on this, were indeed almost fake looking. If you bought this on the street, you may think someone had added glue to make it look better.


So sweet, oh so sweet! It smells like a piece of sandalwood dipped into a cotton candy / fairy floss! It is downright delightful smelling�There is something very "Super Silver Haze" about it, but it is also very perfumed, owing to its fresh heritage.


The flavour is quite intense and if you take a dry hit of this, your lips almost go a bit numb. There is something very soothing about this weed in terms of flavor. It is like a sort of multi-purpose aromatherapy.


I was literally slammed by one big hit from this gear. It made me feel completely stoned. I mean, leave the downtown area and head straight for a chilled out place to lay down in the grass type of STONED.


Sometimes, the ol'skool strains really kick you like a mule! This weed was nice and rich tasting and had me stoned to the bone and looking for some place comfy to kick back and watch the world go by. This certainly ain't weed for those who need to function during the day. lol

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