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Alladin's Chocolate

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Alladin's Chocolate
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Popeye Coffeeshop

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Oct 10, 2001


Highest Quality North African Polm


Look at this stuff; it is so gorgeous, we had to make two different photos of this gear! This hash is made from the finest plants sifted and pressed manually. The structure of the layers is so impressive in this sample that it seems to 'crack' apart as you bend it. At this point it looks more like sugary fudge than hash. A friend of mine began to pretend that he was going to eat the whole block and I nearly had to reach in his open mouth to block him from gulping it down!


The smell is like a lovely milk chocolate that has been blended with a few sprigs of fresh mint. After you get passed the initial desire to pop it in your mouth and actually get it broken up for smoking, you will notice the very familiar softly perfumed and minty scent that is released from the heavy curtain of grey-blue smoke. It's definitely got the smell of quality!


The flavour reminds me of a Bailey's Irish Cream on ice. It tastes rich, creamy, minty and 'icy', with an 'alcoholic burn' in the aftertaste. It goes down really smoothly and has you licking your lips waiting for the joint to come around again!


This high that comes on is very steady and seems to lift you right out of your shoes! The Popeye's owner (aka 'The Peacemaker') told us that this was named Alladin's Chocolate because it is like taking a magic carpet ride! And that's no BS, this gear really does the trick proper! This feeling lasts for quite a long time and really makes you feel happy and peaceful. As the FX wear off, it lets you down softly and you do not feel tired or burned out. Quite perfect really'


There are many fine hashes in town (especially around the Haarlemmerstraat area right now) but this Alladin's Chocolate has got to be one of the best polms to reach our shores this Autumn. If you are a real fan of the creamy Moroccan, this has GOT to be a 'can't miss'. Make a path toward Popeye's and you will be rewarded with at least 'one wish'. ;)

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