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Mango Haze

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Mango Haze
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Dec 12, 2008


SS Haze and NL hybrids, orginally. Bio.


The bag I got had extremely dense buds. These large "rocks" are only going to get broken up with a grinder. Covered with large, thick "carpet-like" hairs cover this bud "wall-to-wall". These buds are large and full. Their density is much heavier than most weeds you will find these daze. As you break up it up, the crystal coverage is insane; every micro-metre is covered. They are super yellow- green with heaps of orange hairs everywhere. By the time I worked my way down to the interior and the bud, I found a stem that was impressive as a 100 year old tree!


The scent is mostly ginger and citrus-skunk. Still a bit green in my sample, yet I was still able to get a strong fresh peppermint out of it as it was grinded.


With my dry-hit, I got more of the �icy � indica� hash plant flav due to all the crystals, than a sandalwood, medicinal haze taste, but that's all good. Upon firing up, it goes a bit spicy-sour with hints of the mango-haze namesake. At times I experienced a touch of �metallic�. As it burns down the joint turns a bit bitter due to the huge amount of resin that collects. The flav gets almost "chalky" at this point but is still tolerable, and even enjoyable for me.


The FX are very powerful! You know you have smoked a nice weed when your arm is getting heavy, your vision is blurring and your brain is slowing before you even put the joint down! You feel like time slows a bit and you don't have too many cares in the world. It is a nice, lazy, "who gives?" feeling that makes it easy to recommend this bud for a nice change to the usually "uppy" highs of some more visual-type Sativas.


I was very pleased with this one. Always something different wakes my senses. I think that this bud is great for late-night sessions intended to relax and make you feel at ease after a long day at work. It seems also a perfectly good weed for medical purposes, based on its rather numbing and slightly de-sensitised FX.

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