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Mako Haze

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Mako Haze
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Tweede Kamer

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Oct 12, 2007


Sativa, Bio. Kiwiseeds


The buds are so gorgeous, you wouldn't know it's all natural. It looks like something a mad scientist created. You don't need a microscope to view the crystals; they are "BLING", "BLING", like diamond dust with an added colourful opalescense. Overall, this was harvested at the precise height of maturity and it was clipped meticulously. Fat calyx clusters are packed-in so tight together, they just seem to form one "chunky" mass of Crystal & Fibre (sounds like a dodgy cereal, huh? ;)


The smell is incredibly "veggie" in nature, very reminiscent of tomato plants and celery leaf. There is a small bit of spice and unusually a bit sugary at the end of the aroma that's released from the opened bag. As it burns, the smoke that forms is spicy and sandalwood which is typical Haze. There is not too much medicinal scent/flav here which often accompanies many Hazes but the "spice" is rich and heavy on the air in its absence.


By the time you get half way down the joint, it has gotten completely resinous; the joint turns a deep brown and the paper shrivels up around it, resembling a dried mushroom stem. One very unique quality that I have discovered with this gear is that even though a small pure joint of this nearly goes black, it still retains a sharp flavour without tasting like licking an ashtray! Now that's something�


I really like the fuzzy, buzzy feel that sets in nearly immediately after a few tokes. It creates this kinda tunnel-vision effect where you have a sharp focus on what is straight ahead, while your peripherals kind of do this blurry, colour, motion filled experience. I like to call this shutter-stoned, when your vision is reduced to a series of "still shots" like you are taking quick photos with your eyes. I love it; it's like the first time I got really baked. As you move your head, your vision struggles to keep up! When the FX wear off, it makes you feel like you were just on some sort of trip; pleasantly exhausted and ready for another session.


I can't say enough about this weed. You know I�ve smoked a lot and this was really one of the finest in the city. It is grown, cured and manicured with great care. From what we�ve heard, it is also one of the MOST consistently good strains of 2007. The Dampkring & Kiwiseeds have got a lovely thing going�

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