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Punta Roja

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Punta Roja
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Oct 16, 2002


Mexican Sativa-Bio.


Rock hard but not pressed too flat makes an immediate impression on me. This weed is light brown with a few slightly larger dark green leaves intermingled. Tiny lil' reddish-brown hairs give these popcorn-sized nuggets a bit of a reddish hue overall. (Perhaps attributing to the "red end/point" name?) Look closely at these in the sunlight (when that's possible here in A'dam!) and trip on the crazy rainbow crystals that are finely covering the "inner-surface".


Choco-mint! WOW, it's a nice change to use this term to describe weed and not the usual super polm.


Very peppery more than spicy. The flav isn't great, that's for sure. A joint really don't do much for the tastebuds however, I decided to try and smoke some in the vapouriser... Resulting in a much more spicy and choco-licious fuller flav. Similar to a fine nepal cream with the spices en that.


At first a real settling feeling takes over your body and you feel like easin' back, cold chillin'. Much like the FX from a polm inna sort of "EZ-going" smoke. The one difference is that the visuals are very crisp and sharp with this weed; it's kinda one of those schizo-trips because you are on the line tween relaxed body & sharp eyes!


Once you get past the icky flava, this weed really offers a nice alternative to mind-blowing green weeds. Good for medium-beginners. BUT remember, this is by no means schwag weed like many of you who live in "dry regions" may find from time to time in bricks from Mexico. This is quality and it proves it by the long lasting FX that can be felt; that's rare for weed of this type and is certainly worth a try if you wanna "take it down a notch"!

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Tweede Kamer

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