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Tweede Kamer

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Dec 20, 2007


As "Templeball" on the S-Guide Message Board pointed out, the Dampkring had this on the menu as a Sativa but in actuality Kiwiseeds lists it as really more of an Indica. Bio.


These buds are so dense, its incredible. This bud is simply covered with crystals that are so fat, they are nearly leaping off, like little men abandoning a sinking ship! Slightly orange, fat hairs pop out among the darker greenish yellow nuggets.


It is very gingery in nature at first smell, but this goes to a quick cleaning solution smell with tones of pine and ammonia. There's a bit of fuel smell in there that is reminiscent of a Diesel, although this has no apparent relation. It is a joy to smell your fingers after breaking this up! Just smelling the stems I extracted was pleasant, they are SO sweet and flowery, I had to chuck �em in my morning tea.


The dry hit is so fresh, u know this is "no BS Bio!" Slightly metallic and sometimes it tastes a bit "polleny" . It burns smooth and effortlessly, releasing copious amounts of rich smoke. Not too dry, not too moist. It reflects "a perfect cure for my taste buds". Take a chomp on one and your mouth is filled with a fresh green flav. After 5 minutes of chewing on it, it doesn't lose flavour�and that's really rare! If anything, it goes a bit peppery and begins to taste like pure green butter (i.e., concentrated). I must recommend this "S-Guide test", as you will be shocked at the positive results. Most other buds cant hold up to that test as strongly.


A very visual "flashy" high. It is almost as if the light is flickering at times: You look around to see what's up, but the light's not even on� cause it's the middle of the day! :o The top of my head got heavy and I felt a bit top-heavy like I was constantly falling forward! To make matters more stoney, at times this was a bit "swimmy" too, cause I felt under water: Slow to move, slow to hear sounds, but pleasant. And floating nicely.


It's "peaceful" if you are no rookie smoker, otherwise it will FLATTEN you! This is one fine strain of ganja.

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Tweede Kamer

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