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Tweede Kamer

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Jul 21, 2002


Nederhasj shaken and pressed from top-qual Dampkring weeds. (Too busy to chat about which strains.)


Pressed into solid pieces about a quarter the thickness of KitKat chocolate bars. The "outter skin" is darker and the interior is much lighter, bordering on a sandy colour. It actually has a slight greenish tint which you can't really see here, at right. If you stick your thumbnail into this stuff, it kinda "peels" away with the consistency of semi-hard caramel sweets.


The smell is a bit "raw" and skunky fresh green. It isn't too strong outta the bag unless you've kept it warm and moist in your pocket but as you burn it in a jointje... people's heads turn to see who the "big herb-man" is!!!


I had to nibble a piece. It was the BEST tasting neder that's ever crossed my palatte! It melted in my mouth like buttery-fudge. Not very peppery or spicy but much more green; like chompin' on a fat stem from some freshly cut plants! Absolutely no taste of contaminants here. Leaves bud breath and bits o' gear stuck in your teeth but it is so flavour-filled, you won't mind! Beware "mack-daddies", before you try and chat that cute girl or guy up, just remember your mouth smells like a skunk!


Tripping! That DMX song with that psycho Halloween music in the background... scary, bizarre! Uh-huh. I can't write right now. My legs are just twitchin' to the beat. Really can't move around so well on this, just kind of stumbling & bumbling around. Bloody'ell, you'd better be a pro-smoker to partake in this one. It ends a little sleepy, so don't smoke too much... unless you are getting on a trans-atlantic plane!


Well this is a famous name; all you guys asked why I didn't review it earlier... I was saving it for a day I really wanted to get BAKED! This is the best tasting nederhash I have tried in a long while. The high is incredibly strong and you really need not smoke too much to get the full fx!

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Tweede Kamer

Heisteeg 6
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