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Mexican Haze

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Mexican Haze
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Tweede Kamer

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Jul 1, 2003




"Where's the brick weed?" If you are expecting a flat-pressed brown "brick" of seeds and stems; you are mistaken! I would describe these as "chunky", flattened buds. Darker green leaves protect the goods inside. Bust �em apart; notice the gorgeous light yellow undersides; it's furry, it's crystalled, Dios mios!


Fresh and dominated with a Hazey scent, you have more of the Hospital Haze or cleaner product smell. You don't pick up much of the mexi-spice that you may expect. When burned, there are fine touches of sandalwood and desert cactus that I often describe in Sativas like this.


This is a hard question because bought a bit of this before we went to a dinner party at a friend's house. They had a Vripmaster vapouriser, and we tried this Mexican Haze in it: It was crisp and sharp, again leaning more toward the Haze with an ammonia and soapy flava. No real spicy, earthy tastes like in most original Mexicans.


This gear is VISUAL! Trippy, almost. My girlfriend likes to smoke Haze cos it lifts her "up", so I bought some of this for us. While our friends smoked some mellow polm, we toked vapo-hits of this herb and were off our heads, laughing and joking with everyone at the table, while they just stared slowly back with heavy eyelids and blank expressions!


Excellent! So high flying and long lasting. I had another mini-session when we got home, and felt like I was "floating" in bed. You guys are always asking me about good weeds for sex� it was a bit clumsy at times but we did well with this one!

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