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Mexican Haze

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Mexican Haze
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Barneys Coffeeshop

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Barney's Lounge

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Jul 1, 2005


Powerful Mexican Sativa, 100% bio.


Light yellow-green pieces. Barely any hairs. Extremely crystally and "fuzzy" like spider legs (see Bushdoc's Glossary)! Tiny corn kernel consistency calyxes, are seriously tough to break, they seem to "burst" open as you pinch em between finger & thumb.


The smell is not too overpowering, even as it was broken up, but the sandalwood-spice scent is hard to miss. As it burns, this stuff REALLY unloads a stink bomb! This is NOT a joint you can secretly smoke on your balcony while your partner is downstairs doing the wash! The whole neighbourhood would stink!


I rolled a pinner pure joint with an extra long filter. I lit it up with ease and it began burning down, slowly yellowing the paper. The flav was spicy, but also surprisingly quite sweet for a strain of this type.


Yes, I just sat at my desk staring at my blank notebook..."what to write?" "I am high, not drowsy but I also feel dumb and clumsy." Usually Mexi-hazes are more buzzy, where this is certainly more stoney. Visually "flashy", this one borders on psychedelic.


This is a fine weed that really deserves some attention from you canna-seurs out there. I woulda liked to see this one cured outdoors and pressed; it would probably resemble the old Oaxan Gold or Red that the ol'skool talk about from the 70's & early 80's! Many times I�ve seen the Smokers Guide Message Board on our website, where people say how crappy Mexican is. Obviously, if grown & cured properly, it can be one of the finest strains on the planet. Barney's has it!

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