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Mekong Haze

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Mekong Haze
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Oct 10, 2001


100% Pure Sativa. (Can this be???)


Loosely formed "long" bud. Darker green with long thin and "boney" leaves with strong yet wire-thin stems and "veins". A lot of rigid little hairs dart in & out and clump together around the lower areas of these elongated buds. It almost resembles a steel wool pad made of weed. Very thin and porous strands of plant material bunched together in a semi-solid form that is also loose in areas. Trippy lookin gear!


A bit like a dried wildflower arrangement. Imagine the scent of some tall grass and thornwhistle. It is generally not too strong in scent but that could be a result of the cure. When it is broken up it smells sweet and green with a strong sugary odour.


Certainly a pure sativa flavour. Absolutely no earthy, heavy, musty, Java-C (coffee) taste (like certain Indicas) snuck in there. You experience a soft, slightly sweet floral taste. It is delightful for change of pace...


The high really creeps up on ya after almost 15 minutes; I call this King Kreep weed! Then you get a little loopy and silly but not over-giggly in my case. This shit's incredibly visual. Whoa mate, as I write this in pen it type-writes it's way across the paper... slash! slash! The letters are alrady on the page before my eyes tell my brain they are visible! Follow me?


This stuff is trippy. The high price is worth it for those who seek out unique strains. Like a true Sativa this stuff burns a lot faster than Indica. A too-big vapour hit makes you hack with the overburned popcorn taste so don't overpull. The high is long-lasting and rides a steady plateau with no peaks or valleys. No comedown which makes it perfect for a midday toke and some self-searching...

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