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Haze Gold

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Haze Gold
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Tweede Kamer

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Sep 20, 2002


Sativa, Bio.


Hazes and their direct hybrid variations are getting more and more outta control! These are seemingly "gold" because of the golden-yellow crystals that bathe this bud. Not many coli grace this guy but that's cool cos the crystals do more than the trick for a Haze like this!


A normal haze smell of pine with a follow-through of a soapy/disinfectant blend.


Imagine licking a spoon that has just been lathered up with a deodorant body soap... da's it! I've experienced this flav many a time before but never quite to this extent; the soap is so maxed out, it feels like you'll exhale bubbles!


Really sharp visuals, extra trippy this gear is a teeth-gritter. Like me, you may "tighten up" a bit after you've smoked this potent spul but just hold on and enjoy the ride!


This was a really nice variety on an already strong Haze menu. What can I say? Uhh, another beauty from the Dampkring. Hardcore Haze.

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Tweede Kamer

Heisteeg 6
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