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Buddha's Sister

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Buddha's Sister
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Tweede Kamer

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Nov 21, 2002


80% Indica, 20% Sativa. Bio. Soma Seeds.


"This ain't no Orange Bud!" These rocky nuggets, built like pieces of stone are Maxed Out with both crystal and coli. The rounded nugget I sampled was almost as big as a golfball, round in shape and weighing in at a plump 3 grams. Well manicured and cured to perfection: you can tell these were left to dry properly and not packed for distribution too fast. As you break it up, you can see the layers and natural composition. Master Grown. It looks fake. So bright and shiny, the crystals look like they've been "sprayed" on. So bio-beautiful, it's hard to "sacrifice it" to the Grinder God!


I call this "where's the dealer?" weed for 2 reasons: 1. Everywhere you go with this stuff in your pocket, people will sniff the air and say to themselves... "W T D?" 2. When you run outta this stuff all your mates will be asking... "W T D?" Hehe. OK now, there's a full-on orange scent that fades to more of a cleaner product smell as it's ground up for spliffage. As it burns, a nice spicy-sandalwood fills the air.


Took a Dry Pull on the joint; it tasted "artificially flavoured" like it was fake again. Fans of Indian food may recognize a faint tamarind sour-sweet flava. The great thing about this is how multi-faceted and complex the flav is; everyone will find different tastes. Taking a vapour-hit was like sucking sugar-sweet orange syrup, that had been heated up in a magnetron. Like an electrically charged fruit drink with soft tones of spice. Believe this or not, you have a kind of DIY/Hardware store flav in your mouth. It is the combo of wood chips, sawdust, plants, steel, iron tools and tiles that hangs in the air. Or, I could be stoned... check that, I AM stoned!


Creeper Weed for me. I smoked a few hits and was so impressed with the flav that I kept on smokin'. Before I knew it, it was taking my head 5 seconds to catch up with what my eyes were looking at! That translates to a real "snappy fast" high. You feel like you're constantly bouncing and amping. I was already a bit pensive from a bunch of serious decisions to make but this weed had me focused and analytical. You get in a Mental Zone that can be quite productive.


This weed has it all: Incredible attention to detail in the cut & cure. Pumped-up looks and the freshest of flavs. (Soma's are always tops!) The FX are very different from most of the "heavies" that Cup'ers will be smoking, so they should take note. This strain seems to add to your mood, not "dampen" it! I'll be picking up some mo of this Freud Bud; so mental you'll be tripping... on yourself! Props to all involved with this "production".

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Tweede Kamer

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