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King Muhammed

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King Muhammed
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Tweede Kamer

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Oct 10, 2001




Light brown with "cookie dough" appearance. Slightly soft, but not too pliable; it tends to break before bending.


This sample was not very pungent, but there is a nice rich scent that comes out when slightly burned. A chocolate spice with a little pine-sol thrown in sums up the experience.


The flavour was smooth and full; the typical fined perfumed taste of the flowers is highlighted by the polm shake method. The oil content provides a thin coating on the back of the throat.


A nice high can be achieved with a relatively small amount of this stuff; the high settles in for an hour or so, before it fades out leaving little trace of itself.


This was another fine entry in the polm category. I really like the potency/weight ratio as you can really get baked with less than a third of a gram. This gear is a bit expensive but worth it if you are in the area.

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