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Black Cobra

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Black Cobra
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Popeye Coffeeshop

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Nov 21, 2008


Moroccan Super Polm


At first glance, I thought maybe the boys had given me the wrong sample as this was not black or some squidgy hash that I was expecting from the name. But as I began to take a closer look at this stuff I saw very attractive layers. This hash bends a bit and then snaps. It is slightly soft and if you stick your thumbnail in, it spreads apart like a soft chocolate nougat. The "skin" of the hash that has pressed against the inside of the baggy is completely shiny with THC crystals.


When I smell hash like this in the bag, I can't wait to burn it. When I burn it, the scent is so perfumed and heavy everyone down the hall knows it...


Surprisingly, the taste was much more peppery than I expected with the typical cocoa and mint still present in the scent and soft aftertaste.


There is a floating sensation that comes on heavy too. But this is combined with a few other factors. You know it's funny, usually Polms make me feel relaxed and calmer but this one had my heart rate going a little faster than normal; I don't know, maybe it was just my mood but I felt that I was slightly "ampy" for the first few minutes after smoking a few pipe hits. This took a bit to hit me and then it just got more and more noticeable. Quite strong, in fact the FX felt much like I was bobbing around in my mini-invisible boat� haha, I was a Sailor Man.


There are few hashes that stick up head and shoulders above the rest. The Popeye's shop really pleased us last year with their Alladin's Chocolate and this hash, albeit much different, definitely shares the top shelf. I can see why the Peacemaker is so enthusiastic about the Black Cobra; what it lacks in taste as compared to the AC is MORE than made up for by its hard-hitting FX!!!! Worth a try if you are on the (Haarlemmerstraat)

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