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Nov 12, 2004


Turkish dry pressed hash


Dark brown with shiny skin. Extremely hard pressed, this is a bitch to break up without lighting with a flame for a quick second. Look at the picture: You can see how hard the surface is where the wee bit was chipped off to start the first spliff. The process of making this gear could fit it in the Light Hash category, but it is dark overall.


Really sweet, it smells more "sugary" than Maroc polms. It burns heavily yet it doesn't leave much of a perfumed scent in the air. A lot of people thought we were smoking a "strange Indian or Nepalese polm". Nope!


A bit of a "chalky" taste. Iíve been told that Turkish hash is pressed in holes that are dug in the ground and this often explains the earthy, dusty, chalky flav that you find here.


A nice light high. Not sleepy at all, this one was really "buzzy". We had only had a few hits and already began feeling "chatty"! The FX last for quite a long while at an uplifting level.


If you have had plenty of polms on your trip, this makes for a nice new option. It is different and worth a try for beginners and old-tokers alike. A lot of people are interested in unique or hard to find hashes; this is one of those hashes on that list.

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