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La Cream

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La Cream
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Jul 8, 2004


North African Blonde


Light brown and hard pressed, this hash is looking clean and quality made. The surface is not too dark and the interior is very "grainy" in texture. Served up in "chunky" cuts much like a piece of chocolate fudge, it breaks up quite easily into a powdery consistency; just be careful that you don't lose any fragments on the floor!


There is a really nice flowery smell that lets you know that you are about to partake in some high quality gear. It burns strong and pleasantly with no sign of the dreaded contaminants! Within minutes the room is filled with a rich and "creamy" blue-grey smoke.


For a "dry" sample, this really "boils" up nicely with all the oils being released upon throwing a flame on it. That is always a sign of good stuff� As soon as the flav is released you know that this was shaken from some nice plants.


After a few tokes off of this, I began to feel really "breezy", like all I could manage was a lazy smile! I always call this the Magic Carpet Ride type of FX �cos you can easily trip like you are just floatin� around!


The selections from Picasso always seem to be of fine quality. This is another one to add to the list for quality at a decent price. La Cream is a fine choice for any hash connoisseur!

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