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May 10, 2004


Sativa/Indica hybrid. Hydro?


On first glance, this gear looks wikid! Reminds me of what I used to describe as Disney Weed; it looks like it was drawn for an animation! The colours and crystal coverage really makes it look fake! Fat hairs in and around the broad leaves that are covered with powder; I started getting excited as I started to get this one ready to toke…


Potent "green" scent and slightly skunky; you wouldn't wanna try and conceal this one from being found cos it's so stinky you would not have a chance!


Rolled a pure fatty of this one. Ended up taking such a big hit, that I almost coughed up one of my lungs! The flav is strong and you are left with a very sharp minty taste… yum.


Fukn’ll, this herb is strong! A dominating high with a few blurry wobbles thrown in. You smoke this gear and you can almost forget how stoned you are! It kind of goes like that until you nearly get hit by a tram… that YOU forgot you were waiting for!


This is some serious high quality gear. A very "dazey" effect -- It's like a raft-ride high; you kinda float around, enjoying the scenery, until the trip comes to a smooth end… This is certainly worth the good name of the Pablow Picasso coffeeshop!

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