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Oct 22, 2003


Must be from one of the "white families"�


"This looks like I�m gonna be coughing!" Almost "velvety" bud, very light green, with tiny little orange hairs that are almost white from the dusting of crystals, these solid nuggets are pretty easy to break up and not too sticky! For all you with your own personal Hash Shakers, these surely would make some real nice unpressed gear.


The smell is fresh and not too green, with a bit of a pepperminty smell. The shear amount of powder on this plant, make it almost smell like unpressed crystals!


Sugary sweet as you dry-hit it in a spliff. You know that this stuff is going to make your mouth water a little bit! The first few tokes are really smooth and you can take super deep drags, but then as it burns down a bit and starts to "resinate" more, you better cut the drags shorter to avoid nearly drooling from the mouth and tearing from the eyes!


You get a very heavy eyed feeling after a half-spliff; you really just feel like you are floating in a semi-daze, half sure of what the hell you were just thinking about, but still knowing that it was something deep and important! This has very sedate FX, which I would call Valium-stylee. Just chill out, listen to some Marley or Zeppelin (acoustic set) and RELAX�


Even though this is far healthier from things like alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, this gear deserves the name! Mother Nature (with a helping hand from Man) has done it again. This is a very potent product that should be enjoyed by pro-tokers only! I loved it!

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