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Jul 1, 2003


Super Polm, Moroccan.


Solid, darker skin with a slightly lighter interior. Even though it is a bit rocky, this stuff bends without breaking; it's still quite soft and squidgy for such a hard pressed polm.


Super chocolate! We burned a spliff of it and the scent drifted over the grass in a cloud. It made every toker that was laying around us in the park wish they were chillin’ with us!


NativeK told me to nibble on a piece; it melted in my mouth, leaving only a small amount of particles behind. Yum. We rolled a spliff and sat back in the garden on a steaming-hot day. It was like smoking an ice stick! Icy-cool, minty and a touch of cocoa. Yes-I.


This is heavy-eyelid smoke; you just wanna kick off your shoes, lay back, and watch the world go by. And guess what? That's pretty much what you end up doing! Don't toke on this if ya got heaps to do!


Top quality. As you tend to go into stoned-mode with this gear, we decided to stop by the Haarlemmerstraat for a puff on this before we were off to Centraal Station for a long train journey! You just settle back into the track, and before you know it, you’re there…

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