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Grey Mist

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Grey Mist
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Grey Area

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Oct 10, 2001


PP & Shiva hybrid. (The GA always has some cool sounding mixes, eh?)


Medium light-green. Extremely "fuzzy" and crystal covered super-dense yet well-cured nuggets. Very few hairs clustered and tucked under caps. Well manicured as well and easy to break up.


It breaks into a minty-chemical. A light fresh "oat" scent, but not TOO green. This has a scent that telegraphs its potency. You already know it's gonna be nice...


Simultaneously sweet and spicy. Light vanilla flava with leathery undertones. The aftertaste hovers around your upper throat. It's an almost hot-spicy flav, proudly displaying its shiva heritage. I took a vapo-hit before cooking some calamari rings over a sweet japanese salad; a perfect combo with the Mist flava. One o' my best cannaculinary combos!


A spacy, light-headed high. VERY visual, with mild tracer light FX. The high hits rather immediately and lasts at a solid plateau for a good hour and a half before lowering you back slowly. No crashdown's here.


Great gear; a fine all'round package; great flav, smooth smokin' and a damn-near flashback high. It had me remembering younger BushDoc daze, ridin' my skateboard around town; stoned outta my skull and laughing like a fool. Jesus, not much has changed in 10 years!

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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2
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