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Grey Haze

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Grey Haze
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Nov 27, 2002


Sativa, Haze based. Given to me by a friend, they are not quite sure what the exact hybrid origins are. Cannabis Cup entry 2002.


Really fat nuggets and broad leafed for a Haze. They're usually more "wispy" in nature but these are "rocked out". Lots of darker green leaves left on. Orange hairs dominate this wicked lookin' weed and are wiry little guys, ready for tokin'. Examine this in the sun and you won't be disappointed: A fine covering of rainbow coloured crystals shine brilliantly like a big-ass bling-blingin' diamond; who said they're only a girl's best friend? I like this "green ice"!


Bust the ziplock sack open and you are met with soft-sweetness and a bit of the green hay. Overall, the scent is very strong and very fresh. Only when this gets broken up does it start to get pine and cleaner scented. Not quite another Hospital Haze with that straight ER smell, but more of a sweet anisette/wildflower bouquet in place of the "soap".


You guys may trip on this but it reminds me of Skoal chewing tobacco that came in little tiny burlap bags! (Called Bandits?) We had a "phase" with that back in the day' Anyway, it kinda tastes like when you get a bit of the dust from a sack of potatoes in your mouth! Strange but true. Don't let that put you off; the majority of you will just taste the ice burn from the crystal content on the exhale.


Visuals are what I call typewriter flash. As I write this the letters just "flash" on the page. It's very cool! A Stoney Glow forms around your eyes. This gear is so powerful yet not paranoia inducing which makes for a good choice for intermediate tokers and twitchers (really nervous people).


Shit, you may as well schedule for an entire "stoned day" as these FX last for daze & daze! All the while, your head bobs like a puppet on this shit! Serious nature walk smoke. You can just go out and chill on this stuff. It's very nice. It has you in a really spacey, trippy mode. OK, this one is no exaggeration: This weed causes Double Shower Daze; that's when you are so stoned that you get into a shower, stand there for 10 minutes-what-seems-likes-hours, think about everything from the last MTV video you saw to the possibility of world peace and all in between, and then get out, towel off, and suddenly realize yo� dirty-ass never used any soap!!! After I finished the second "clean" shower, I sat back and looked across the wide water. "What a high" is really all I could think of� "Now I gotta write a review on this??? I can barely remember my own name at this point� and I like it!

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