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Golden Soles

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Golden Soles
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Oct 10, 2001


Well, "zooltje" is usually smuggled inside the bottom of the shoe "soles". This is so hard pressed that it was prolly wrapped and imported like this but I got too baked with "Stoney S" at the GA and forgot to confirm this.


Mars rock. (OK, I was baked...) But seriously, this hash is a super dense, dark brown "chunk" of solid! Without warming in your pocket you have no chance of breaking it up without the assistance of flame (a Bushdoc NO-NO.)


Very, very chocolate-minty when you are able to chip it up. Wow! As you prepare it for a joint, you start getting excited. That's scary... Or is it just plain sad?
Who cares, i'm fixin ta get my buzz on!


A chalky chocolate taste, with a light icy-mint that graces the palette. I'd really love to eat some of this but I only bought a wee bit. Maybe next time i'll grind some up in one o' my famous warm chocohash milk holiday b-fasts.


The back of your eyes start taking control of your vision. Eyelids drop and a light and soft body high ensues. If you are up for a night of chillin', this is the one.


Yes, i've always been a fan of the GA weeds but given their hashes a miss. Not this time. This is one of the nicest-high hashes I have smoked in many Bushdoc daze...

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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2
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