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Grey Crystal

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Grey Crystal
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Grey Area

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Nov 27, 2014


Unpressed Nederhash. Made from Silver Bubble. Usually sieved and then not pressed hard enough to form into a more oily, brown hash.


This stuff looks like gnarly fresh deep. Ready to hit the slopes and shred that powder!

The lighter the better with these types of dry-sieves. Then you know you're getting less plant material and MORE CRYSTAL. :)

We hope to have some macro shots coming but the Cup is slowing our production, so please bear with us.


There is never too much of a scent with these types of hashes, but what you can detect is a bit of mint and a soft green undertone.

When it burns, the smoke gives off a nice pungent odor that can't be missed.


The taste reminds me of the first hit off of an original Afghani, it's very easy to take too big of a hit on this, and then end up hacking your lungs out!


To get the purest taste and FX from it for review, it had to be placed in a clean glass bowl and fired up with Bee Line from one end to the next. See the pix.

You get a little rush of energy from this on the exhale.


This Grey Crystal is perfect for people who have shiz to get done but can still handle some trippy visuals. In this way, I choose for it over a hash like a polm which can often be a little too mellow.

This type of smoke is perfect to add to a heavier Kush to bring that extra buzz too.

A great entry for the Cannabis Cup 2014.

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  • 7.0

Nothing grey here

Dont understand this is named "Grey Crystal" other then that its bought from a shop called Grey Area. The crystals are shining to me saying "what a goopd day is it", it got me happy just looking at this beauty of a butt. Smoking it was absolutely great, I lost my keys in the shop and... Full details

Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2
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