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Nov 11, 2005


Jack Herer x Skunk1, balanced hybrid. Bio.


Hearty buds, these tend to break apart with great trouble: STICKY! The bag was covered in crystals. Luckily, we had such good weather in October I could examine this mighty weed in natural light... impressive. No need for magnifying glasses, the oils are in such good state (oozing but, not losing them) it is clear to see. Well done. It's like cooking a steak perfectly. Fewer dark green leaves left in the centre, covered with crystals and all curled up, looking happy with a few wiry hairs spread thin. Resin covered.


The scent is incredibly fresh. I was happy as I opened the bag and was met with a spicy-fruit, Haze-medicinal "rush". Delicious. Vanilla is in there too, but ya gotta sniff softly. It only improves as it gets burned: If you are fan of pungent sandalwood and herb released from well cured bud then you are gonna be lovin' it!


The flav is VERY hazey and you can barely contain your mouth from watering. It rushes into your lungs and you have GREAT difficulty containing the expansion, which is intense. One huge vapour hit and'


This kicks you like a Donkey! Before you know it you are see'in stars. (The closest effect to Salvia I've found in weed.) It makes you very'.. s'.l'..o'..w. Do NOT be in a hurry cos it takes 3x normal to do anything. You feel like you are just floating on a gentle current. AB-SG told me the GA said it was "uplifting" but I was SLAMMED, and left clueless' serious"No Worries" weed. That's the way to go! BTW, as far as uplifting goes, it may be so, in the way, that after you are on a little space mission, you come back to earth without "crashing".


Overall, this weed is everything you would look for in a potent, high-grade weed. As usual, the Grey Area has added a new twist to an already solid menu; nice work. Pop by and check it out; you won't be disappointed. Don't wait too long cos J1 won't be around long.

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