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Jack H
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Jul 22, 2002


Jack Herer


Flattened, large crystal covered buds. Really dense looking but actually quite "feather light". Small clusters in a grapes o' wrath fashion. Tiny orange-red hairs "peep" out from behind the thick covering of yellowish-white crystals.


A bit sugary-sweet with "floral tones". Really fresh, this smell explodes right outta the bag! The scent has you ready for a serious smoke session...


This one tastes almost exactly like it smells! Keeps a fresh taste going for daze. This is really nice to smoke after dinner as a special dessert.


The high is.... WOW! Hits you on all senses: A full range of visual, trippy, un-coordination, audios and other assorted "baked behaviours".


This is a strong weed with an impressive performance/cost ratio! If you are after a heavy hitter for a good value, look no further, The Coin has Jack H in the house right now!

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