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Apollo 13

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Apollo 13
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Grey Area

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Nov 7, 2008


Indica, Bio.


Opening the bag, I immediately saw what looks like small green torches with gorgeous "flames"; these calyxes have little fire-like hairs sticking out strongly everywhere. The buds break up nicely without crumbling. As you pull them apart, the hairs cling to each other like Velcro. They don't want to break up without putting up a fight! These pieces are SO strong and solid, really crystally and nearly yellow in some places; they just look very potent!


Due to all the crystals, it smells a bit "frosty-icy" but there is also a soft hint of fuel, almost like a Diesel weed. There is a fresh scent of earthy ginger too.


The menu at the Grey Area says this is "fruity". I must admit I disagree with them (very rarely) here. To me, this weed was a bit bitter and slightly sour, due to the Diesel-like qualities I sensed and described above. In any case, the hits produced from this weed were MASSIVE. With it burning down nice and smoothly it was too easy to take huge tokes that my lungs could barely contain!


Nice HIGH. :) 5...4...3...2...1...LIFT OFF! After hacking for about 1 minute, it felt very much Top of Head High with a bit of visuals, but not too much to make me feel really out of it. Considering it was a Wake&Bake session, I did pretty well at staying motivated to stop watching the news on TV and began to actually record my thoughts on this gear. ;)


Overall, I really liked the Apollo 13; it appealed to me on several levels, yet most importantly it allowed me to have a nice strong, crisp high without getting too zombified for the rest of the day. Not sure what the deal is with the fruity part as it seems a bit more on the earthy/danky/bio-fuel side, but trust me, I was NOT disappointed in any way!

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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2
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