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Grey Mist Crystal

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Grey Mist Crystal
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Grey Area

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Oct 10, 2001


Grey Mist (which is a PP and Shiva blend) plants.


Very light yellow-green with a nice shiny pearl white layer. It's NOT fish scale stylee; don't even think about it Crail Dogs! Slightly moist and clumpy. What else can you say about powder?


Fresh and green-but-not-too-green pine and chemical. It's starting to get your nostrils burnin' before you even get it lit! Anticipation...


Ouch! This stuff is not for harsh hit haters! Besides a wee spice, really, there is hardly a taste here because the burned material is so THC-laden, it's sharpness drowns any plant flav that was there to begin with, ya know?


It...makes... you... talk... like... Stephen... Hawking...

Too bad by that point you have less than one percent of his intelligence!!!And then of course you start busting guts laughin' at the madness! I chose this as my first smoke of 2002 after a two week break. It was stronger than any chemical and all natural... guiltless...
So stoned, I said "Let's smoke more o' that Grey Crist Mystal"!


This one was really a great way to Re-THC. I already loved earlier versions (see Grey Mist & Unpressed Neder in my Field Notes) but this latest version of their feature gear has me happy and stoned; back in the bizarre world of GA for another year.

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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2
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