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Yellow Cab

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Yellow Cab
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Aug 6, 2003


Sativa-Indica Hybrid. Bio.


This piece resembles a fire-yellow torch. I'm high. Orange hairs stick out to en fro, and the darker green coverage leaves are even golden and fuzzy. The little fuzzy calyxes fall off like wild thistle. Again I say, I�m high.


Sweet, a bit of dank and musty scent also. My friend (who's a non-smoker) said she smelled citrus in the air when visiting my flat. To quote: "wow, your house doesn't stink like Haze for once; it actually smells nice and fruity!" (I guess that's a compliment!)


Sweet, but not overboard sugary. There's also some light minty taste and a hint of green grass. As the joint is fired up, the resin builds quickly. This is one of those NativeK spliffs which he believes gets better tasting as it gets resinous. More so here.


I�m already at the FX part of this review and really vibing on the interplay of the wind shaken trees, and shadows on my brick wall. Trippy stuff. Flashy, inna visual sense. It seems to last for quite awhile and on the "downside" you really just coast into a normal state when the ride ends.


The "Cab" is cruising;  I really like the relaxed yet still intense FX. A bit of yin-yang going on with this lovely variety. It's certainly worth a place among the GA's list of steadies!

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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2
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