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Martian Mean Green

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Martian Mean Green
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Nov 23, 2006


Shark's Breath x G13 x Neville's Haze, DNA Genetics. Bio.


Jeez, this stuff is downright scary cos it's so damn hairy! Like little mini wires they have "marched in" on Martian Mean Green. These are almost animated. Look at 'em; they are like wee green torches! The leaves are variegated in colour, ranging from a slightly darker green on most outer leaves to a very golden yellow in the interior. You would think there has been an alien snail climbing around the interior with so much opalescent glue-like resin exposed when this gear is broken up!


The scent is distinctly veggie-spice. I immediately pictured rolling a joint of this for tomorrow's dinner-date: We are off for some Thai food on the Elandsgracht and I think I'll light up prior to entering. Uhhmm, I can already taste a glass of Singha beer and a spicy hot Tom Ka Gai coconut soup. (I am high and gettin HUNGRY!) I guess that's what you get when you wake & bake gear as strong as this! You are already thinking about DINNER at breakfast! :)


I took a dry hit and was rewarded with a fresh spicy blend of veggies and organic dust. Once you light a joint of this up, you are immediately facing major lung expansion! If you can hold a huge hit of this for a split second, you are doing well.


You just feel wired-high, like you are slightly "on edge". Very uplifting, this has strong visuals going on, which makes for lotsa smiles and general contentment. This is actually a refreshing difference for all-pro stoners like me; you are not so "out of it" as with some equally strong strain hybrids. The combinations at work here are somehow, all in perfect harmony and the result is a very strong, very sharp and sometimes "rollin" high with a very heavy "dark side" for brief moments. This is NOT recommended for beginners or those prone to paranoia!


What can I say about MMG? It will be among the finalists in the Cup. DNA Genetics at it again! I love it; By the time you even get it outta the bag, you are already anticipating a legend, sporting such a stoney name! Make sure you grab a copy of the Grey Area MMG sticker that was floating around town; it sports the little Looney Tunes Martian! It should be a collector's item someday. But only if you have had the pleasure of experiencing this Smokers Guide TOP BUD.

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