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OG Pure Equatorial Sativa

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OG Pure Equatorial Sativa
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Feb 24, 2009


O.G. land strain. Bio. 16 weeks flowering / €16 per g.


What on earth is this stuff??? Just look at it! All spindly and clustery and stuff!!! This is the equivalent of an alien species taking up residence amongst us. HOLY CLUSTER BALLS! I dumped the contents of the bag on to the plastic rolling tray and I heard "clunk, clunk" as each little calyx hit with a noticeable impact! These tiny pieces are gorgeous: Light green, nearly yellow-white, with quite prominent wiry orange hairs.


This herb is just that: Sandalwood-sage, very herbal. I always call this type of smell a veggie-tomato celery delight.


The dry hit is wonderfully herbal-veggie. It nearly begs you to light it up! It is so spicy and smooth. Thick and rich smoke is released with a softly lemony citrus as the length of the J burns down, it stays quite flavorful, and holds a touch of floral. It lights up well, burns down soft. There is an odd metallic flav is in there too that I just can't describe you would have to smoke it to know it!


I am impressed. :) These flashy yet crisp, sharp visuals keep you alert and almost "bouncy". You are still able to function and think clearly on this. You are not clumsy or body-heavy. This ganj is WOW. Just as I was saying this, I got a second batch that I awaked and baked and was totally plastered! It was almost too strong. It had me feeling a bit queezy after smoking just a bit too much. This gear is for pro tokers, I assure you.


This weed is completely unique and very STRONG. It lasts for hours. I really couldn't say any more. No really. I am too baked from just having finished a wee half joint. Whatever you do, check out this awesome ET weed from the GA.

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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2
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