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Shark's Breath

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Shark's Breath
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May 3, 2006


Jamaican Lambsbread x with Great White Shark / DNA Genetics


This has got to be examined under natural light to get the full impact and appreciation for this hard-core sample. You will see incredibly formed crystal glands pushing giant balls of resin to the surface. Buds almost completely light green, the hairs are really a light orange; almost resembling little neon lights! Considering the stickiness of this resinous bud, it still breaks up pretty easily, owing to its proper cure. The leaves are tiny and incredibly densely structured. The manicure as is good as it gets for this type of "white weed" with all leaves larger than 2 mm in width removed (and prolly used to make quality hash!)


Sweet and softly gingered in scent; it smells like the weed my friend used to grow on his off-Leidseplein terrace; orange and fruity. There is also a light metallic-fuel scent that could be slightly compared to a Diesel strain that hasn't fully matured yet. This bud has been cured to perfection and the staff was giving it big kudos.


The flavour is not really citrus and not really licorice or anisette either. What is it? I dunno; it's got a "blended flav" that doesn't lean in one direction too much. One thing is certain, this weed is so crystally that you are best off sipping an ice-coldy bevvy as you toke on this.


To me the FX are very relaxing and yet still visual in effect. You feel like you are cruising along for awhile before you know you are even on a trip! You enjoy a "crisp blurriness" that makes you feel like you are slightly underwater. As I found out the hard way, this is NOT the kinda weed you wanna smoke and then go shopping with your mom; unless she has the patience of a saint! I looked at things... slowly, as she dragged me by her friend who sells antiques, but I did it inna super-dazed extra-terrestrial way. She just smiled and talked on her mobile phone as we navigated the Negen Straatjes. I just wanted something sweet to eat, a good movie and a plush sofa!


This gear is VERY zoney. It's potency is paralleled by it's smooth mix of tastes. I think this could be my call for a post Queen's Day come down...

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Grey Area

Oude Leliestraat 2
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