• Cannabis X-Mas Wreaths with THC - Video Recipe Munchies

    Cannabis X-Mas Wreaths with THC - Video Recipe

    Christmas is a special time. Gathering with friends and family calls for special treats and holiday cheer! This video recipe, featuring cannabis infused X-Mas wreaths, delivers that unique festive atmosphere. They present very well, bringing that...
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  • Coffeeshops Forced to Reduce Opening...

    Just a few months after relaxing social distancing rules in the Netherlands, the increasing number of infections force government to tighten the rules. Social contacts must again be limited...

  • Emerald Cup - The Premiere Cannabis...

    Since Covid-19 successfully took out all the fun out of 2020, we were feeling nostalgic and decided to air some unused video footage from last year's awesome Emerald Cup.

  • Top 8 Travel Destinations That Every...

    If someone asks you about two of your favorite things to do in the world, the chances are that the answer would be traveling and cannabis. Wouldn't it be sheer perfection if you can bring...

  • 7 Pot Cannabis Recipes That You Must...

    If you thought that cannabis could only be used to make brownies and cakes, you're in for a shocker. There is a whole range of culinary delights where you can include weed, right from...

  • Tropicanna Banana

    Tropicanna Banana is a strain purchased from Barney's Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

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  • The benefits of using CBD oil

    A growing number of medical professionals and naturopaths recommend CBD oil and cannabidiol (CBD) for the treatment of certain diseases. Because more and more scientific studies from recent years confirm that the cannabis active ingredient alleviates many chronic complaints, CBD is characterized by its diverse range of applications and good tolerance.
  • Your E-Cig and You: Liquids at a Glance

    Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into your electronic cigarette liquids? Well, it’s a pretty common thing to wonder about. After all, what are you smoking which is just so good? It’s a fair question, and one which we aim to provide you an answer to.
  • How long does vape juice last?

    The rising popularity of vaping culture has taken the world by storm. While many people are replacing their cigarettes with vape pens to make a holistic lifestyle change, others use it for recreational purposes. Today, vaping is a multi-million dollar industry and is rapidly growing every day.
  • Amazing Facts about Improving Your Sleeping Quality

    A proper quantity and quality of sleep are crucial for human functioning. It stimulates body regeneration, calms all the sore muscles, relaxes the mind, and helps keep a life balance. A good night's sleep is a must for every human being to survive.
  • How Covid-19 has Impacted the Vaping Industry

    The world is witnessing a change in the global market trends across various industries. Like any other industry right now, the vaping industry doesn’t remain untouched. This industry comprises all components, distribution channels, and regions that are either dedicated or playing a role in selling and buying of the atomizer, vape mod, cartomizer, or e-liquid.
  • Coffee and Vaping: A Flavour matching guide

    Nothing can get us on our feet better than a cup of morning coffee- the strong aroma, the feel of the warm cup, the tickling taste, and a brown liquid is a feast to our eyes.
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