• Walking Cannabis Dispenser Dakta Kush - 7 Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica Smokers Guide Coffeeshops

    Walking Cannabis Dispenser Dakta Kush - 7 Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica Smokers Guide

    Cannabis dispensaries are legal and open in Jamaica, but the beach dealers are still happily in business. Learn more about the cannabis products offered on the 7 Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica. We spoke to Dakta Kush, the "Walking Cannabis Dispenser,...
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  • Full Moon Smartshop Amsterdam - Legal...

    Go on a virtual tour of Smartshop Full Moon, located in the heart of Amsterdam, delivering all your smart drug, vaping and cannabis needs.

  • Top 5 sweet foods for the Amsterdam...

    The Munchies: a term used by stoners to describe incredible hunger caused by cannabis consumption. We rated the top 5 sweet foods to reach for when the munchies hit you hard!

  • Welcome to Smokers Guide - site...

    The Smokers Guide To Amsterdam book has been a top seller for years! Our latest edition is heavily packed with information for anyone interested in the Amsterdam coffeeshop, smartshop and...

  • Winners of Jack Herer Cup Jamaica 2019

    The Jack Herer Cup took place during the 4th edition of Canex Jamaica, at the Rose Hall Convention Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The awards ceremony took place during the final day of the...

  • Tweede Kamer Cannabis Coffeeshop Tour...

    Take a virtual tour of Tweede Kamer Cannabis Coffeeshop Amsterdam with tv.smokersguide.com

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