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If you've been planning a trip to Amsterdam you may be wondering "Where can I buy a Smokers Guide book?" This list will let you know all the cool places in the city you can pick up a Smokers Guide to Amsterdam 20th Edition book from. Let me see

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  • CanEx Jamaica - Business Conference & Expo September 2018

    The third edition of CanEx Jamaica was a great success! With Montel Williams as the host, and a fine, long list of cannabis specialists, it was a breading ground for extending knowledge and growing business opportunities.
  • Cannabis Cup Amsterdam Summer 2018

    High Times is planning to be in Amsterdam on the 13th, 14th and 15th of July hosting a version of their annual November event. Smokers Guide TV will be there to cover it and we'll report back here soon.
  • Recreational Marijuana on its way to Canada!

    It’s actually happening! The day Canada was waiting for. June 19, 2018 marks a momentous occasion on a global scale: the Canadian Senate finally passed the "Pot Bill". We can only wonder if they passed it to the left hand side? ;-)
  • 4-20 Party On Hippie Hill in San Francisco

    The 4-20 Smoke Out in San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Park is one of the nation's oldest... and most relaxed!
  • Emerald Cup 2017 Complete Winners List

    The Emerald Cup was a fantastic event held in fire ravaged Santa Rosa last weekend at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Check out the winners of all the organic and biologically produced awards!
  • Emerald Cup 2017

    It's this time of the year! The Emerald Cup event is coming to Northern California and taking the cannabis community by storm! This year's event will be even bigger and better, featuring the best products and companies. Smokers Guide will be there reporting live, and preparing lots of video footage for you to enjoy.
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  • Kushy Punch Super Potent Gummy Edible

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  • Cloud Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

  • Kin Strips

    Harvest on Geary
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  • Raw Garden Apple Chem Sauce

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  • Select Maui Wowie Pax Era 3X cartridge

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  • Island Lemon Wreck Pax Era Catridge

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  • Dabbing 101
    Dabbing 101

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  • Prohibition 2.0: The Psychoactive Substances Bill
    Prohibition 2.0: The Psychoactive Substances Bill


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