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Super Silver Haze

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Super Silver Haze
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La Tertulia

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Nov 15, 2005


NL-Haze, Skunk Cross, Bio.


You can tell this is another top specimen from La Tertulia right from the start. It was a sunny day in early November when I first saw this sample; it was sparkling in the sun! Dark green, nearly brown, this weed has a thick coating of crystals that display the potency readily - even the stem in the lower right is covered! There are tiny brown-red hairs that are literally covered by crystals and the "fuzz" that makes the surface. As I broke this bud up easily with my fingers (a little sticky, so you may wanna use a grinder) you could easily tell that this was cured to perfection. I looked down at the bowl I just filled. It actually SPARKLED in the sunlight with so many crystals� gorgeous!


Before it's broken up, the smell is the standard haze scent: a bit medicinal, a bit spicy. You know this gear is gonna be good. There are certain scents that just do it to me every time. This one is a winner.


Before I began to toke this, I decided to chomp on the little stem that could be found (nice manicure). It released a very fresh wave of flavour that leaned more toward its skunky heritage. Then went really skunky-green and started toward spicy-pepper. As I started up the Vrip Vapouriser and took a deep hit, I noticed the flav is typically hazey.


The FX make you get SERIOUS. After a hard day at work, I burned a joint of this and my brain flashed around from point to point. Re-hashing nearly every bit of the highs and lows. It made me quite philosophical yet I was not able to get it out on paper cos it all came too fast! I had great difficulty writing this because I was so wasted�


THIS WEED IS STRONG! I was left speechless. The power of this weed is INTENSE, even for an ol� skooler like me. You just feel like you are trippin�. It's a really nice way to start off a wander through the Jordaan; just take some time to get it together at the lovely "garden" in La Tertulia before you head out!

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