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Super Silver Haze

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Super Silver Haze
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Dread Rock

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May 26, 2003


Sativa-Indica hybrid. Hydro.


Quite solid and thick pieces for a Haze variety which area often more skinny and "wispy". There is also a heavy covering of crystals. The hairs are strong and wiry little guys and there is barely any stem to have to remove. It is manicured to perfection and there are hardly any extra fan leaves left on to worry about.


Out of the bag, the scent is very danky or muf (NL). More of a cellar smell than an attic, i.e. it is more moist than dusty smelling! As it's broken up, you get a very odd whiff of a flowery smell.


It smokes "heavy", leaving a coating on your throat. There's a tiny bit of a spicy-hot Haze flav and nothing more. It kinda tastes like that sweet red chili sauce you put on egg rolls!


The FX are very heavy on the eyes with a dopey-like feeling. This gear gets you VERY stoned. I made the mistake of smoking this on a Thursday morning after a very depressed friend left my crib. I really wasn't very happy but I was certainly baked! I laid back on the floor as the sun filled my living room. Wikid.


This seems to lean away from it's Sativa heritage and more toward the heavy Indica that it was bred with. Grumpy Gardener says that is normally the case with Super Silver Haze, "which really has nothing to do with Haze"� Overall, this weed is a very good buy! Incredibly strong.

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