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Super Silver Haze

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Super Silver Haze
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Prix D'Ami

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Apr 3, 2009


Origin: Soma Seeds, €12.50 p/gram


There are solid pieces on the smallish side, with very broad leaves. These buds are so fuzzy and hairy, you�d think that they were pulled out of someone's pocket!


When you break this up, there is such a sugary-bubblegum scent released, that my heart began to beat a bit faster in anticipation. There's also a skunky smell too.


I chomped on the stem and it was delicious! There were clear signs of spice, mint and sandalwood/sage. The dry hit is fresh and minty. If you take a big puff of this you will immediately find out it is very hard to contain!


Wow, this wave of highness, giggles and squinty eyes come over you like a flash. Bam! You have nearly psychedelic movements from these visuals. Very trippy. It's almost as if I were about to start shroomin�. Those early stages, when you nearly start seeing tracers and slight movements in your peripherals and that soft "breathing" motion that shrooms begin to make. Yes, its some potent weed.


Some weed like this puts me in awe of Mother Nature; of course the strain selections have had a helping hand! With a price like this, I think I will be back time and time again to Prix D'Ami... :)

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